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New Zealand Holiday Home Management

New Zealand Holiday Homes offers a professional approach to holiday home management. We want New Zealand holiday homeowners to be able to rent out their bach or holiday home with zero hassle and the knowledge that their holiday home is being looked after.

We have property managers all over New Zealand and their personalised service leaves visitors to your holiday home in great hands and with someone who has great local knowledge.

Our holiday home management goal is to achieve the strongest possible results for our NZ holiday homeowners by making everything about the rental process as easy as possible. We use a range of marketing techniques that increase exposure to your NZ holiday home and give you the best possible chance of finding the perfect visitors to your bach.

Live in the city?

Earn hassle-free hotel returns when you rent your home with us as a short-term rental while you are away. It would be a shame to leave your home empty when there is an easy way to earn a bit extra through our holiday home management service.

Rent your hotel home with us and we will take care of everything, with meticulous management of your home. Our guests are professionals with families, who will pay extra to stay in the comfort of a home instead of staying in an undistinguished hotel.

Hassle free rentals!

Having a local property manager close to your holiday house, or home in the city, also allows you access to our range of property management services including:

Cleaning Service

Our holiday home management includes a full clean of your holiday house once guests have vacated. From preparing your home for rental with toiletries and linen, to checking and greeting guests, cleaning after bookings, and restoring your home when you return, we make renting easy.

365 Day Service

The New Zealand Holiday Homes management service is contactable 365 days a year. Our friendly holiday home managers are happy to help when needed.  

List your holiday home

Contact NZ Holiday Homes for more information about our holiday home management service.