Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in full management?

We list and manage your property on top holiday rental sites including AirBnb, Homeaway,, and BookaBach. We handle listings, calendars and bookings. Guest key exchange, cleaning, maintenance, and guest communication before, during, and after each reservation.

We have a list of trusted tradesman for general maintenance should they be required during or after a booking. We are on call at all times for our owners should they have any questions.

We provide linen and towels, Toiletries, Tea and Coffee. Beds are made to the utmost standard to ensure guests are comfortable during their stay.

How involved am I?

You can be as involved as you like, we are here to cater for your requirements. If you would like to be a part of the vetting process then you are welcome.

When is check out?

Check out is generally at 10:00am, This will allow time for us to clean, and prepare fresh linen and for your return or your next guests. We can provide a late checkout upon request.

How does check in work?

Check in is generally from 2:00pm. We will arrange a time to greet your guests; provide your home user and local information guide.

To maximise the guests experience we will advise them of any specific requirements you home has and attractions nearby.

If we cannot align a time with the guest we will securely position a set of keys in a lock box on the property and leave the local information and home guides on the kitchen bench.

What linen is included in full management?

Each Bed Linen set is 100% high quality cotton including a flat sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases for each bed required. Also included is towels for each guest, bathmats for each bathroom and kitchen tea towels.

Can you wash my sheets & towels?

Clean and crisp, high quality linen is included in our full management service. This means that linen and towels are removed after each booking and replaced with clean linen. We do not offer a laundry service.

How does NZ Holiday Homes keep my property clean & secure?

We will provide secure access to your home by being on call at all times for you and the guest if there is any complications. We meet and great the guest upon arrival and are there when they leave. 

Every enquiry goes through a vetting process which involves asking specific questions about the guests and their group including ages, singles or couples families or friends.

We generally deter from groups under 30 and focus on families. We also require a credit card holding bond with every booking made.

Our process post- stay is to professionally clean your home and report any issues. We provide fresh linen, towels, and restock supplies.

What service does NZ Holiday Homes offer?

Home takes the effort out of renting your home. We list and manage your property on top holiday rental sites including Airbnb, Homeaway, and Book a bach. We handle listings, calendars and bookings. Guest key exchange, cleaning, maintenance, and guest communication before, during, and after each reservation.

Are there risks involved?

Nothing in life is risk free and renting out your place is no exception. This said, we have a number of processes in place to minimize these risks so that the worst you’ll suffer should be the odd broken tea-cup.

The risk management process starts with our guest screening services, which weed out any undesirable visitors, as well as those that don’t fit your individual criteria. We also check your property between guests so if something is damaged or missing, we’ll know about it.

As an extra precaution, we strongly encourage you to consider lockable storage for any valuable items you don’t want getting into your guests’ hands and we can help you sort through the relevant options.

We also suggest setting up your home with insurance designed specifically for short term rental properties.

We go through all of this in our first meeting because we want you to feel safe and secure when it comes to renting out your place.

How much does it cost?

For hassle-free hotel returns, we charge a risk-free commission of 20% for full management of marketing & management of your home. This will be deducted from your rental revenue before being released from a trust account on the first 10th of the month following the booking.

Why should I use NZ Holiday Homes when I can manage my property myself?

Firstly, we help you earn more. We know the short term rental market inside out and understand what works in a listing and how to get yours right to the top of search results. Our ability to continuously optimise the nightly rate using our smart pricing data means that we’re maximizing your income, every day of the week.

We also know how to provide a wonderful guest experience and are perfectionists when it comes to guest communication, property presentation and thoughtful touches. We put so much time and effort into this because wonderful guest experiences lead to glowing reviews, which add to the perceived value of your property. More demand leads to better occupancy rates and higher income.

Secondly, we take all the hassle out of hosting. With us, there’s no more waiting around for guests at check-in, no more sweaty summertime cleaning sessions, no more last-minute attempts to dry hand towels with the hairdryer, and no more missing out on a booking request because you were in a plane over the Atlantic. It’s just peace of mind, excellent reviews and more money in your pocket.

How much money will I make?

This depends on your property. Someone who rents out a three bedroom investment property year round will obviously make more than someone who only rents their studio when they’re out of town. The good news is that after our first meeting, we’ll be able to give you a very clear indication of what your place will earn.

Can NZ Holiday Homes increase my enquiries & bookings?

Yes! Firstly, we respond to booking requests and inquiries quickly, so within 24 hours 7 days a week.

This helps ensure that you will never miss a booking and increases visibility, since Airbnb & HomeAway’s algorithm rewards the more attentive hosts.

Secondly, our team promotes your home directly to customers, particularly corporate customers that we regularly accommodate.

What is included in management service?


We provide our fully trained housekeepers (service times dependent on your house size), all the cleaning products, toilet roll, bathroom toiletries and linen. We will make the beds and present your home ready for your guests arrival. Our team will also report on any damages they find in the home plus secure storage of your keys in our warehouse.

Our team will get your home guest ready and our focus is on presentation for guests – this means that within your service time, we will not provide deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is classed as oven cleaning (though we’ll always make sure the trays are clean), external window cleaning or mould removal. We will always report on the condition of your home if your home is in need of a deep cleaning service.


We will supply linen with our management service – so you will you have hotel quality linen and your beds will all be made to a hotel standard too.

Each bed linen set includes 100% cotton, high quality sheets and towels for 2 guests: 1 flat sheet (can be a single, double, king or super king), 1 duvet cover, 4 pillow cases, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 face towels, plus a hand towel and bath mat per bathroom and a kitchen tea towel. We do not offer a laundry service so we will not wash your sheets and towels.

Home uses a hospitality standard known as triple sheeting, which cocoons the duvet between the sheets. Hospital corners ensure that the duvet remains tightly secured within the sheets.


Our team will message your guest on the day of arrival to confirm they are running on time for your booking time, they will then greet your guest in your home, share the property information and point out any not-so-common-sense aspects of your home. Please let us know these details by filling in this House Manual ahead of your guests’ arrival.

Our team will wait for up to 30 minutes for guests to arrive from the time you book the check-in. We appreciate that travel plans can go awry, and we ask that you and your guest keep us updated if they will not arrive within the allocated 30 minutes. If your guest runs late, we will leave the key in a lock-box and let the guest know how to access the key and enter the home. All information will be communicated by phone.


We always liaise with guests to arrange a check out time usually at 10am in the morning. We can allow for a late check-out except when there is a back-to-back booking.