Owner Guide

The homeowner must understand that preparing a property for rental, to a hotel standard, will require time & effort. Below is a checklist of requirements of a homeowner before making their home available for rent.



  • Submit Owner agreement
  • Submit Property Form
  • Submit Photos
  • Provide Recommendations (see Guest Guide template)
    • Restaurants
    • Bars
    • Cafes
    • Supermarkets
    • Bus routes
    • Activities
    • Walks
  • Provide necessities
    • Toiletries (full set of new toiletries required)
    • Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Toilet paper
    • Cleaning products
    • 2 sets of duvet covers per bed (we provide sheets/towels)
  • Spring Clean (a full spring clean is required to prepare home for rental)
    • Empty fridge & freezer
    • Empty wardrobe
    • Clean bathrooms
    • Clean windows
  • Depersonalize home (photos)
    • Lock away personal belongings in spare room
  • Style Home
    • Luggage space
    • Bedside lamps
    • Storage surfaces
    • Unclutter space
    • Flowers Coffee &┬átea
  • Provide property instructions (see Guest Guide template)
    • Alarm
    • Property access
    • Map
    • Wifi (code)
    • Phone (toll bar)
    • Rubbish & recycling
  • Provide cleaning instructions (see Agent Guide template)


We take care of everything during the booking (including linen), with our local agent on hand to manage minor issues. You will only be contacted in the case of an emergency.


When you return, your home will feel brand new & ready for you to re-personalise. Not only will you have earned a little extra income, you will have received a thorough spring clean.